FNAWS' mission is to enhance wild sheep populations, promote professional wildlife management, educate the public about wild sheep and the conservation benefits of hunting, encourage fair chase hunting, and protect sportsmen's rights - while keeping administrative costs to a minimum.
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From the Field
Wild Sheep Foundation News
February 3rd 2016
On Wednesday January 20th, at the Wild Sheep Foundation convention affectionately known as the Sheep Show™, the Wild Sheep Foundation inducted Doug McWhirter, Wyoming Game and Fish Department Cody wildlife biologist into the WSF Wild Sheep Biologist’s Wall of Fame.

The WSF Wild Sheep Biologist’s Wall of Fame was established in 2006 “…to honor and acknowledge the passion, commitment, and vision of men and women dedicated to the sound, biological management of, and hunting opportunities for, North America’s wild sheep…”, according to Kevin Hurley, WSF Conservation Director and founder of this award over a decade ago. “With his induction based on his efforts to conserve and manage bighorn sheep over the past 30+ years, with thanks from thousands of hunters who have been able to pursue these mountain monarchs in herds...
From the Field
Wild Sheep Foundation News
January 29th 2016
Non-profit foundation raises more than $6.5 million, including record $380,000 for AZ sheep tag  

Reno, Nevada. Feb. 1, 2016. The Wild Sheep Foundation (WSF) Convention and Sporting Expo, The Sheep Show™, set several records at the recent annual event in Reno, NV, with more than 10,000 in attendance  and the highest ever bid of $380,000 for a desert bighorn sheep tag. 

From the Field
Wild Sheep Foundation News
January 28th 2016
On Saturday, January 23rd at the Wild Sheep Foundation convention affectionately known as the Sheep Show™, Wild Sheep Foundation presented Mrs. Sue Entsminger with the 2016 Artemis Outstanding Woman Conservationist of the Year Award.

There are many fine and prestigious awards presented throughout our industry that recognize and celebrate the hunting accomplishments of an individual.  The Artemis Award was created to honor an outstanding woman conservationist. Although the criteria for this award requires that a nominee be a hunter this award is not about the hunting feats or trophies taken rather it honors a woman who has given back, a woman who has and continues to make a significant conservation impact so that future generations will have the same opportunities we enjoy today and our hunting heritage will endure.

From the Field
Other News
January 16th 2016
On Wednesday, the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Commission (CPW) voted 7-4 against the reintroduction of both Mexican wolves and gray wolves into the state despite public support for the animals. This decision follows a lengthy debate that created heated discussions between ranchers, hunters, farmers, wildlife advocates, and others.

During the CPW’s meeting, wolf advocates demonstrated outside of the office, waving signs in support of the reintroduction of the endangered Mexican gray wolves into Colorado. Supporters say that they will fight the CPWC’s decision and believe that wolves belong in the state.
“There is no reason that wolves have to be considered the demon of livestock, it’s just not factual,” Delia Malone of the Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter told CBS Denver.