FNAWS' mission is to enhance wild sheep populations, promote professional wildlife management, educate the public about wild sheep and the conservation benefits of hunting, encourage fair chase hunting, and protect sportsmen's rights - while keeping administrative costs to a minimum.
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August 29th 2016
On July 8, 2016, Conservation Force, the Garden State Taxidermist Association, a New Jersey taxidermist, and five New Jersey based hunters sued the state to compel an end to New Jersey’s ban on the import, possession, export, transport, and processing of hunting trophies of the African “Big Four” (elephant, leopard, lion, and rhinoceros). The plaintiffs alleged that the state’s ban was preempted by the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The applicable law is ESA Section 6(f): “Any State law or regulation which applies with respect to the importation or exportation of, or interstate or foreign commerce in, endangered species or threatened species is void to the extent that it may effectively ... (2) prohibit what is authorized pursuant to an exemption or permit provided for in this Act or in any regulation which implements this Act.” 16 U.S.C. §...
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August 15th 2016
Blue Mountain Lake, New York. August 15, 2016.
At the 2017 summer meeting of the American Wildlife Conservation Partners (AWCP), member organizations focused on advancing “Wildlife for the 21st Century (Volume V), a 28-page series of recommendations for the incoming Presidential administration to consider. Previous volumes were presented to President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama at the start of their respective administrations.
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July 20th 2016
MISSOULA, Mont. - At its 29th Big Game Awards held this past week at the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World store in Springfield, Missouri, the Boone and Crockett Club put the future of conservation on center stage with its second Jack Steele Parker Generation Next banquet. The banquet honored young men and women 16 and under from across North America who, over the past three years, had taken a Boone and Crockett record-book animal.
"At our big game awards banquets we typically honor the animals, but this one is different," said Justin Spring, the Club’s director of Big Game Records.

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June 22nd 2016
Founded with collaboration between the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Wild Sheep Foundation and SITKA Gear, 2% for Conservation solves a critical shortfall in the funding of non-governmental conservation organizations by encouraging businesses to commit to giving back 1% of annual sales and to volunteer 1% of their time to conservation causes. 2% for Conservation is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to ensure the future of hunting and angling by creating an alliance of businesses and individuals committed to giving time and money to fish and wildlife conservation.

2% for Conservation certifies a businesses’ commitment through a stringent audit process. Upon successful certification, member businesses are permitted to use the 2% for Conservation logo in their marketing materials and packaging, giving customers confidence that the brands they love are truly...